How to Get Wax Out Of Carpet

Spilling on your carpet is inevitable, but luckily there is a solution for every stain. Over the next few months we’re going to list some of the most common stains and how you can get them out.

Now, imagine you spilled some wax either from burning candles or making your own lip balm. Yikes, right? Getting wax on the rug is a huge bummer. Maybe you’ve tried scraping, soaking, or even cutting out the wax stain and it didn’t work. Well good news, we’re here to show you a simple, gentle way to treat your wax soaked fibers.

How to Get Wax Out Of Carpet

  1. Gather your weapons. Grab a brown paper bag, paper towel and an iron.
  2. Place the paper bag over the spot. Place it at the edge of the stain and place a towel under the part of the bag that’s not on top of the stain. You’ll be moving the bag as the wax saturates and you won’t want it to spread the mess further.
  3. Set the iron at a warm setting. DO NOT get it too hot because it will melt the bag. Also make sure it’s not on the steam setting. You just want the heat.
  4. Iron over the paper bag slowly. The wax will absorb onto the paper bag and out of the carpet. As it saturates, slide it out onto the towel, exposing the wax to a new part of the bag that’s not covered in wax.
    • Don’t leave the iron on any spot for too long. You don’t want to end up burning anything and exacerbating your problem. When the stain stops appearing on the paper, lift it up carefully and see what you’re left with.
    • If there’s more wax, repeat the steps. It should all come up eventually.
  5. If a stain is the new problem, rub the spot with rubbing alcohol. Place a cloth over the stain and reapply the iron with the steam setting on. The dye should seep into the cloth and away from the carpet.
  6. Spray the area with carpet spray or a cleaning solvent. You can then either take a cloth and blot it or lay the cloth on top of the sprayed area and iron it with the steam setting on, just the same as you would with the rubbing alcohol in the last step.
    • If the carpet seems a little worse for the wear, try vacuuming it. That may rejuvenate it to its former, healthy-looking state.

Now that you know how to get a candle wax stain out, you can easily make sure the rest of your house is clean with Tree Tunnel. Call us to get an estimate on cleaning anything in your house from sofas to rugs at 801-448-7722.